In the wider context of the Pacific, New Zealand is an island enriched by its geological location, regionalism, environment, climate, landscapes, seascapes, cultures, history, mythologies and people – all this contributing to New Zealand’s uniqueness in the world.  

NEW PACIFIC ARCHITECTURE LTD’s design philiosophy is to celebrate New Zealand’s ‘sense of place’ in the Pacific region.  An approach aimed at celebrating difference both culturally and socially, yet addressing common values we all share as New Zealanders and as people living in the Pacific today.  

With the use of new and traditonal Pacific concepts of designing, NEW PACIFIC ARCHITECTURE LTD is focused on creating spatial, formal and aesthetics qualities that contribute to the modern lifestyles and multicultural societies of New Zealand and the Pacific.  

The resultant architecture expresses qualities of hybridity, where the international style is intertwined with local ideas, that responds to both modernism and regionalism.  This regionalistic approach to designing modern New Zealand and Pacific architecture, creates new and unique expressions of an architectural identity that we can call our own.